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What is Smart Agent and who is it for?

Smart Agent is an online customer management tool built specifically for the insurance agent and financial planner industry. It has the capabilities needed to increase sales, stay organized, and grow your business in a secure application that you control.

Can I transfer my current contact database?

Smart Agent allows users to easily pull customer information from your existing system (Excel, ACT, etc.), saving a tremendous amount of data entry time. Transferring existing customer data is a simple one-time transfer and the tool is easy to learn, use and maintain.

How do I sign up for a FREE trial?

Click here and complete the online registration. Once you complete the registration, you will receive an email with a link to log in. Once you log in, you be able to set up a password and start using Smart Agent.

How much does Smart Agent cost?

After your free trial period, pricing is based on number of users and mobile access plans. Subscribers can choose an Annual Subscription (discounted) or a Monthly Subscription payment plan. You can find full details of the cost structure on our pricing page.

Is my data safe?

Smart Agent is built on top of and all the security and infrastructure offered in this platform. Smart Agent has passed the SalesForce security review, a requirement for running in their platform. Learn more about the platform.

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